Lucky Lotus Orb

Lucky Lotus Orb

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The lotus flower grows under mirk and mud, untouched by the light, yet does not hesitate in extending its stalk upwards and finally, blooms into many large and gorgeous flowers that almost covers up the water surface. 

This plant of splendor from which radiates the energy of life, has its roots buried deep and firm inside the mud. Even in the worst environments, the best outcome is undoubtedly able to be achieved–this spirit of “coming out of the tainted mud unsoiled” is what the lotus flower stands for.

Upon the lotus pedestal sits a brilliant and perfectly round orb of natural jade; with its power of the “five virtues”, it regulates its surrounding atmosphere and returns balance to the body and soul, replenishing their lack of energy. 

The rotation of the natural jade orb also indicates the fengshui fate-changing thinking of good fortune coming around.

The divineness of the lotus, blooming vividly in unclean environments and bearing fruitful seeds, together with the orb of natural jade, will absorb all foulness, odors of life, sufferings, sickness and evil, subliming them to become metaphysical. This is called the “ultimacy of bathroom fengshui”.


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