Golden Fortune Two-Realm Mandalas

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The Dharma Master Kuukai travelled across the seas to China, bringing back with him to Japan precious sutra, Buddha figures and paintings, and ritual instruments. Amongst which, the instrument that Dharma Master valued most over all others was the Womb Realm Mandala and the Diamond Realm Mandala, which combined together makes the Two-Realm Mandala (national treasure). For mandalas, the Diamond Realm symbolizes males, and the Womb Realm symbolizes females. One Womb Realm Mandala and one Diamond Realm Mandala, together the Two-Realm Mandalas, have been decorated in Esoteric temples and the houses of nobles as a long-time practice, but this “Golden Fortune Two-Realm Mandalas” is printed upon gold leaf, with gold foil covering its wooden frame. Not only can they bring you overall and financial fortune, to enhance the effect of this pair of mandalas, we have also made recommendations of “locations for hanging the mandala scrolls”. Locations for hanging the mandala scrolls Womb Realm Mandala–good fortune in wealth, health, marriage, family for women Diamond Realm Mandala–good fortune in wealth, work, public relations for men.
・Hanging the two scrolls in separate rooms: Womb Realm Mandala–master bedroom; Diamond Realm Mandala–living room
・Hanging the two scrolls in the same room: Womb Realm Mandala–east wall; Diamond Realm Mandala–west wall 
・Hanging the two scrolls on the same wall: Womb Realm Mandala–left side; Diamond Realm Mandala–right side


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