Four Fengshui Gods of Wealth Yellow Wallet

Four Fengshui Gods of Wealth Yellow Wallet

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Stylish Ancient Coin Shaped Embossed Yellow Wallet–Bring In ¥ with the Power of the Four Fengshui Gods of Wealth!

It is said that Japan’s currency symbol “¥” comes from the oracle character of the sheep, which were livestock that was considered as a very important part of the property.
In light of good fortune, we have taken high-quality sheepskin luxuriously and created the newest version of the money-bringing yellow wallet!

The Fengshui lucky coin and the Four Gods of Wealth embossed into an ancient coin shape; there’s even a special pocket inside made for placing lottery tickets!

On top of the fastener is a magatama of lapis lazuli, which is called the ultimate power stone.
It will not only function as a charm for protection, but also has the power to enhance your financial income. 
It will be most definitely useful in gathering up your luck for wealth.


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