EOO+West Tight Up Shorts

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3D-designed to tighten up your waist and show your slender waistline

Would you like to do something about the flabs on your belly?

The season to dress lightly is just around the corner…
about time to polish up your figure!!

This product is the perfect solution we have prepared for you.
Shaping your beautiful figure with 5 extravagant points of detail.

-The 5 points of detail-
Point of Detail 1-Sheer, Sturdy, and Super Air-Permeable Material
The use of flexible material makes this product sheer and sturdy. It was made with careful thought for air-permeability, making it perfect for daily use in spring and summer.

Point of Detail 2- 2 Soft Bones
The 2 soft bones inserted vertically to create a pinch-in support for your waist.

Point of Detail 3- Double-Support Waist Belt
A wide-covering waist belt from the ribs down to your waist, giving you all-round support, with its 6 hooks keeping your belly tucked in tightly.
The belt has 3 stages of adjustment for you to wear it according to your own condition.

Point of Detail 4- 3D-Designed X-line
The X-line around your belly boosts the product’s slimming effects. The 3D cutting around your hips lets you have a stylish and slender figure with no strain.

Point of Detail 5- High Waist for Better Support
This is not just an ordinary girdle, but one that firmly supports your belly to give you a tight waistline. 

Wouldn’t you like to try for a simple “Beauty Silhouette”?


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