EOO+Ultra Power Mobile Battery(20000mAh)

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Latest Rapid-Charge Type

★This is not the normal type sold in stores, but the latest model with ultra rapid charging!

Lightweight but equipped with a lithium battery of 20,000mAh super capacity!

Comes with a 2A large-capacity compatible AC adapter certified by the Japan PSE safety qualification.
Convenient 2.1A/1A double output port, possible to charge two devices at the same time!

8 types of connectors included–compatible with cell phones, smart phones, and latest large-capacity models of the iPad!

A mobile battery pack that will definitely come in handy during business trips, meetings, inside cars and other forms of transportation, also during disasters and emergencies.
When fully charged, this products battery capacity is estimated to be able to charge an iPhone to the full at least 7 times, and charge an iPad 2 to the full at least twice!


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