EOO+Travel Charger Plug

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 * Fits plugs from over 150 countries! Universal power socket
The socket that you’d want to bring on your overseas travels
Buying all sorts of different sockets too troublesome and bulky?
Here’s your solution!
Lightweight and compactwhile it’s able to be plugged with 4 plugs from over 150 countries, it won’t take up too much space!
No troublesome operation neededall you need to do is plug the corresponding adapter into the wall socket!
Easy use for everyone.
A mustpack for businessmen and travelers!

※This product is an adapter for converting plugs of domestic specification into plugs of overseas specification.

All to be done is separating the 3 layers of the adapter and plugging it into the corresponding adapter!
No need for confusing assembling!
Easy use for everyone.

Compact design to fit right into the corner of your suitcase.
3 different adapters layered together, forming a compact cylinder as shown in the image.
Only weighs 92grams! Easy to pack and carry around.

Just one will be compatible with plugs from over 150 countries! 
Lightweight, compact, and popular worldwide.


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