EOO+SuperK Solingen Nail Clipper DX-13

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With genuine traditional German solingen forging techniques, craftsmanship of the city of bladesYANGJIANGshine with brilliance!

Handmade by professional blacksmiths!

Easy to hold large size of 110mm!
Its doubleshoulders makes nailcutting more relaxing!

The maker’s premium product.

A professional nail care tool combined with super craftsmanship.

Recommendation for those who haven’t yet found a nail cutter with sufficient cutting quality!!!

[Point1] Made by using carbonbearing stainless SUS420J2super durable!!
The blades are crafted under the skills of professionals, giving them high density and high durability.
Great cutting qualityno extra force needed, just one swift cut will do the trick.
Created under careful attention towards every detail, the most optimized work of a craftsman. 
Even more, it’s made using special rustresistent steel.

※What does “smithing” mean? 
Adding pressure to metal by pounding it with tools such as a hammer will crush the gaps in the interior of the metal, making the crystals finer, and adjust the direction of the crystals to enhance their strength while shaping the metal into the desired shape.
Since ancient times, the technique of blade smithing have been used as the skill for making cutlery such as the Japanese sword, and making the barrel for matchlock guns.
Pressurizing metal material with a mold will cause and allow it to become shaped.
To maintain continuous fiber flow, the construction densifies; compared to casting, cavities are less likely to be formed, thus creating a coarse material with excellent strength.

※Knowledge on the materials
SUS420J2 is a type of martensite stainless steel.
Martensite stainless steelapproximate composition: 13Cr0.3C
Characteristics and use: A type of steel made by quenching SUS410, SUS420J1 with its hardness enhanced. It is more corrosion resisting than SUS410, making it the more favored material for making blades, nozzles, valve seats, linear scales, etc.

[Point2] Moves smoothly with its cylindrical panel
There are cylindrical panels installed on both sides, allowing smooth cutting using just a little power.

[Point3] Cut more detailedly with its slim edge
Its small and slim edge allows you to cut detailed parts such as ingrown nails more delicately.


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