EOO+Smart EZ Iron Sheet

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Smart space-saving! Ironing at your Pleasure! 

The ironing board takes up so much space and always has to be pulled open when you need to use it…such a bother!
These sheet-type ironing boards can be folded up, easy to move and store away!
Now you can iron on the table, on the floor, or any flat surface you wish to work on!

Designed for those living alone, those who hate getting the huge and heavy ironing board out every time, as well as the elderly and those who have troubles with their legs or hips.
Do your ironing anywhere you like!
Just spread out on your flooring, table, or other flat surfaces to do your ironing anywhere you want to.

Makes your troubles of “there’s no place to put the ironing board!” disappear at an instance.
Even more, when you spread it out on a table, you would be able to do your ironing while standing straight, lightening the burden on your legs and hips.
Saving you so many troubles for times such as when you suddenly feel like ironing one piece of clothing while watching the TV.

Compact and can be folded up for storage. 
When you’re not using it, just fold it up and store it away with a snap in any gap inside your closet or drawer. 

With its light weight, there will be no more moving out and opening up the heavy ironing board.
A handy size of 83cm that’s not too big or too small. Perfect for your daily ironing.


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