EOO+Real Crocodile Skin Belt

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Best-quality natural crocodile skin–made by leather artisans certified by the JRA! 
(※JRA=All Japan Association of Reptiles Skin and Leather Industries)

“Radiant Crocodile Belt”–THE icon for Supreme VIPs.
Flawless natural croc skin and the peak of crafting skills, creating a product of magnificence and extravagance.
The moment you set your eyes on it, you will undoubtedly identify it as a masterpiece of art. Wearing it will allow you to rise to the highest status. 

“A item of luxury possessed by only a selected few”–an excellent choice for the gentleman! 
Grab the attention of all those around you with the shine of the belt circling your waist!

There is no doubt that the gentleman wearing this belt will also be drunken in the style that brings you to the top of worldly splendor!!

The beauty of its evenly squared scales have received extremely high evaluation, and have become so rare in the excessive hunting of these years, which have decreased their quantity dramatically. 

We have strictly selected the skins of the utmost quality, adapted the best shine and mat processing, appointed the most skillful artisans for creation–just to provide you with this superb product.
Once you have put it on, no one would be able to resist resting their eyes on its beautiful, black diamond-like brilliance.

  • Shining Crocodile Skin
    Among all the crocodiles, which only inhabit limited areas of the world, we have chosen one superb piece of crocodile skin that can almost be said as completely flawless! Factories facilitated with exclusive equipment are dedicated to and only to polishing, producing the most superior crocodile skins, procedures counting up to dozens and scores; the extraordinary skill that attracts even the top luxury brands to place orders can only be achieved by the best craftsman. Due to this high difficulty, it is said that only 1 piece within 100 pieces of skins can reach completion.


  • Matted Crocodile Skin
    The everlasting status, overwhelming dignity. We use highly precious crocodile skins imported under strict regulations, and put them through a unique and extravagant matting process that cannot be imitated by others. Matted crocodile skin becomes more glossy and more profound with use, an “lifelong” possession to favor for eternity.


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