EOO+Natural Stone Wrap Bracelet (Rose quartz/Howlite)

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Imported from the USA! 

A wrap bracelet made with natural stones and natural leather!

Favored by celebrities and artists all around the world!

Wraps round and round your wrist up to 4 layers! 

You can choose the color of the stones and the effects of power stones to your liking. 

Cool white howlite makes a great match with other natural stones!

The natural stones we use are all high-quality natural material.

There’s no way that you won’t notice how stones are hand-strewn one-by-one so carefully, and other details that show its high quality.

It is approximately 72cm (+7cm adjuster) in length, able to be wrapped into a full volume of 4 layers, adding style to your wrist!

It has a simple design and not too flashy, a bracelet fit for guys and girls!

Other than its designated use as a wrap bracelet, you can also adjust the number of layers and turn it into a necklace or anklet; we also recommend using them as pair bracelets.


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