EOO+Multi Peeler

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Spin it around for 3+1 uses in JUST 1 TOOLturning Cooking into Something Simple and Convenient for you to Eenjoy!!

Spin the dial in the center to switch between standard peeler, shredding, and the soft skin peeler.
Won’t need to keep so many different tools aroundjust spin it and find what you need.

Not only is this a peeler, but can also shred carrots or slice burdock, making what was so difficult to do with knives so easy. 

Type1 Standard peeler
Best for potatoes, carrots, apples, etc.!

Type2 Shredding
Best for burdocks, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, etc.

Type3 Soft skin peeler
For tomatoes, peaches, kiwis, etc.

Type4 Removing potato sprouts
You can also use its protruding end for picking out potato sprouts!


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