EOO+Multi-Function Flashlight for Auto-Used

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1 Item with 6 Functions!
Tool for Emergency Escape/Rescue from Automobiles!

So many uses for just 1 item!!

Light up the darkness with its white LED light!
Can also be used for operations in the dark and emergency lighting.
Alert others of your emergency with its red flashing beacon light!!

A red LED light that can be seen well even from afar. 
9 flashing LED lights to notify others of your emergency situation.

Glasscracking hammer to ensure your escape route during emergencies!
Break the glass with its hammer! Ensure your route of escape in dire situations.

Cut the seatbelt with its cutter knife!
Cut the seatbelt to escape during emergencies.

Magnetic and sticks to the car’s bonnet, trunk and roof!!
Light up the beacon light or LED light and fix it on your car’s bonnet, roof or trunk.

Waterproof and good for use on rainy days.


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