EOO+Mosquito Killer Band

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Stay Fresh and Stylish Outdoors During Hot Summers!!

5 vivid colors to match with all sorts of fashion
Simple and easy to use for everyone!

~Recommended for these situations~
Fishing, sunbathing, camping, taking a walk in the woods, jogging,
watching sports outdoors, golfing, outdoor lives and concerts…

Plant oil that’s gentle to the human body.
With the band covered in plant oil, bugs won’t dare to come close!!
Natural material that’s friendly to the human body is used in the making of this product. Use with no worries. 

A stylish bug repellent for your wrists and ankles.
After opening, store inside its packaging for repeated use.
Can be used up to 1 month. Eco friendly and economic!

We will provide for you randomly 5 colors of pink, green, blue, orange and yellow.
Light and easy to use by simply putting it on your wrists or ankles. Stay stylish when mountain climbing and doing other outdoor activities.
Great for the upcoming season!

6stage size adjustment. 
Can be adjusted in 6 stages to fit wrists from 13cm to 22cm.


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