EOO+LED Pearl Fuji HDLinght Premium2014

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The long-awaited 250lm light increase has finally been achieved! We are proud to present the fabulous new-generation LED HDLinght, the fusion of highly refined functional aesthetics and high performance.

Not only does it have excellent irradiation, but with our pursue for beautiful light, this product will prove to be useful in all sorts of life scenarios.

Its licensed Ultra Focus System, mounted with the Fresnel lens, has a light cone that portrays larger near the light source, compared to conventional products. ※Even in the max light diffusion mode and max light condension mode, a more even and beautiful light distribution is achieved.

The Focus System can be considered as one of the world’s newest light distribution systems.

From the minimum distance of 5m with equal wide-angle light diffusion, to the maximum distance of 120m with max fixed light condension, all that needs to be done to complete this process is a forward-backward slide of the lamp head. 

With its innovative design, what you’d get is a traditional flashlight that can be off your hands, put horizontally, diagonally, hung from high places, and useable in many different locations–a lighting tool with a truly new concept.

No matter whether you’re an amateur or a professional–this is a product that can satisfy your many needs.


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