EOO+K6 Vehicle Black box DVR FullHD1080p 2013White-Ver

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“If you are In an Emergency Don’t Worry!”

The EOO+K6 DVR acts just like a black box flight recorder, recording what happens during your drive. 
The EOO+K6 DVR is easily removable from its stand!
When required, it can be used like a simple digital camera.

The EOO+K6 DVR does not require any alterations to your vehicle. Installation is simple and easy.
Supports Full HD1080p, resulting in high quality videos and pictures. 
Supports high-definition Full HD 1080p. In daylight it can take detailed images including number plates.

Using LED night vision it can take clear images even at night. Stores up to 32GB(microSD)TF of data. 
Supports non-stop loop recording.
Comes with a 2.7 inch large TFT-LCD monitor and can confirm that the video and still images are sharp and clear.

Take wide angle shots with the new model 120 degree wide angle lens. 
The EOO+K6 DVR is equipped with the latest G-Sensor and in the case of emergency, the image is locked automatically. Of course, files can be accessed manually when required.

Supports night vision using LED technology.The auto recording feature starts as soon as the engine is switched on.
The EOO+K6 DVR is high quality, functionally stable, convenient and easy to operate and the cost performance is excellent. 

[Point1]With motion detection, loop recording and many other key functions. 
[Point2] The auto recording feature starts as soon as the engine is switched on.
[Point3]The recorder automatically locks using G sensor technology.
[Point4] Light weight, slim, stylish, alloy body and wear resistant.
[Point5] Supports HDMI export.
[Point6]120 wide viewing angle.
[Point7] New infrared LED night vision. It records high-definition video even in low light conditions.
[Point8] New 4X Digital Zoom


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