EOO+Jacquard Shawl

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Thin and wide! 

Use it in springautumn, and air-conditioned rooms during summer!!

Useable all year round.
Up your girl power with its skin-soft touch and chic color!
For a mature and elegant style!
Soft and smooth, comfortable on skin. 
Wide-type and can be used as a shawl, stole or knee-warmer!
Not too thin and not too thick–a must-have for your bag and office.
Have one of these for seasons with large temperature differences for temperature adjustment in style!

[Point1] Thin and soft, comfortable to the skin.

[Point2] Wrap it around your shoulders as a shawl, around your neck as a scarf…many uses only with its large size.

[Point3] Choose from various colors to match different clothes and seasons.

[point4] Differently colored sides, can be used reversed!


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