EOO+Imitation Leather Smartphone Wallet

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Look smart and adorable with artificial leather

Prevent forgetting your smart phone after going out or after lunchtime!
Ever left your smart phone behind after going out or after lunchtime?
Stores cards, tickets and coins along with your smart phone.
Put your IC card inside! Lets you get on/off buses and trains quickly and convenient for shopping
Not only fits the iPhone but also GALAXY and Xperia, and other types of smart phones!
A smart wallet for for the young woman!

[Point1] Put your cards in with your smart phone
There’s a pocket for you to store cards and tickets along with your smart phone, super convenient for going out for short whiles and lunchtimes.
Put your passes and IC cards in to ride and shop conveniently.

[Point2] Spacious design to fit all types of smart phones
Not only fits the iPhone but also various smart phones such as the GALAXY, Xperia, etc.
Don’t own a cute smart phone case yet? This is the one for you!
※Please check the product’s size specifications to determine whether or not is it suitable for your smart phone.

[Point3] Use it as a wallet!
Full-zip type makes contents easier to see!
After putting in your smart phone, you can store tickets and coins in other pockets to use it as a wallet.


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