EOO+Highclass Real Leather Fargo Gloves

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Made with French and Spanish kidskin (young goat skin)Highclass Real Leather Fargo Gloves

Kidskin (young goat skin), a renowned type of highclass leather, is used as the material for this product, making it soft with high durability!
Real leathernot only suitable for daily use, but also suitable for solemn parties and weddings.
Rabbit fur used for fur portion.
Warm to the eye and adds an accent to your fashion. 

About kidskin material:
Goat skin is named according to the age of the goat.
The production of kidskin (kid=baby goat) is very limited and considered as highclass leather. 
A leather with flexibility and rich in softness, its name of kidskin giving it an impression of nobility. 
Excellent abrasion resistancesheer but sturdy, comparably more difficult to become misshaped are some of its many strong points.
Kidskin is even softer and more refined than goatskin, thus highly treasured as a highquality leather material.
These characteristics of kidskin is used as the leather material for highclass brand gloves, mens’ shoes, handbags, etc.


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