EOO+Dream Glasses

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Super popular all around the world!! 
Magic glasses that allow you to watch TV while lying on the bed!!

Holding up a book for reading while lying on the bed makes the arms incredibly sore.
Can’t see the TV lying down! It hurts my neck!!

Taking advantage of the reflection of prisms, these magic glasses have made it possible and comfortable to read a book or watch TV while lying down.
With this awesome product, you can now read, use a tablet, watch the television with ease and comfort whether you be in your bed, your favorite recliner, on the sofa in the living room or cuddled up in the den. 

Put a book on your belly and read it with no problem while lying down.
Watch the TV while lying down. No problem.

Put your iPad or other types of tablets on your belly while lying down…and you still can play with it.
Size L is recommended for glasses-wearers!

Also highly recommended for those who have trouble moving, the bedridden, and those who are hospitalized. 
It’s just like magic! You can see the book and the TV as if they were right in front of your eyes.


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