EOO+Diet Arch Supports

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Relieving your pains in your legs, hips and knees that are caused be the soles of your feet!

Developed by a former professional hiker in the United States!! A limited product that has not yet been introduced to Japan
“Healthy Feet PRO”the professional cushion sole support, making its debut!
Relieving your pains and aches in your legs, hips and knees just like magic!

Vastly supported by athletes and medical specialists all over the world.
Not only approved by athletes of various fields, but even medical specialists for leg diseases, orthopedists and chiropractic surgeons have given their approval for the magical “Diet Arch Support“.

Effectively relieves pains in the feet, legs, knees and back caused by inappropriate use of the soles in everyday life; a painrelief product that has won high marks and tremendous support.
Also effective in reducing foot pains and fatigue caused by flatfeet that trouble many moderners. 

This time, through cooperation with the manufacturers, and under strict quality control, we have provided a “special OEM product” for the Japanese market that can be purchased from our shop.

“How to use?” It won’t get any more simpler than this just put it on your feet!
Its wide elastic band allows it to fit your feet snugly.

“Another day of walking around in leather shoes, pumps, highheels. My feet are hurting like crazy!!”…
“Always switching between the summer heat and air-conditioned rooms does bad things to my health”…
“I’m been on a diet for ages but just can’t seem to lose weight”…
~For those of you who have these frustrations, you’ll be surprised at how effectively this product can take away all your pain and discomfort!

The silicon protrusion in the center (shock absorber) supports your sole.
More importantly, it adds pressure to the acupoint inside your sole (general health acupoint) and does a great many positive effects for your body!
What effects can I expect from the stimulation to my soles? 

With this product’s effects, you will be able to maintain the balance of your body, relieve your knees, hips and back of their burden, and walk in total comfort. 

-Prevents hallux vagus
-Improves low blood pressure, oversensitivity to the cold, and sleeping problems by promoting the blood circulation of your lower body
-Relieves knee medial pains
-Relieves ankle pains
-Relieves lumbago
-Relieves chronic shoulder pains and headaches
-Slows aging by improving blood circulation…and more 
A simple band that you can wear on your bare feet underneath normal shoes when going out.

[Examples of when to use this product]

Wearing it on your bare feet
When you are wearing sneakers
When you are wearing sandals
When you are wearing heels
Moreover, this product is suitable for both men and women.

Those who have been concerned about pains in their legs, knees and hips, this isn’t a chance you wouldn’t want to miss!


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