EOO+Clip on Polarized Sunglasses

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Just pinch and clip!
Turn your glasses into sunglasses!

Can be easily attached to and removed from your glasses.
For glasses-wearers–put on sunglasses with no trouble!
Lower the lens when needed to take off the burden of UV rays and light reflects from your eyes.
Outdoor sports activities,fishing, drives, walks…a pair of sunglasses with great design and functionality, suitable for all events and everyone. 

Turn normal glasses into sunglasses just by lowering the lens.
It also fits reading glasses, perfect for those who have given up on polarized sunglasses!
Pickup (flip) style–flip the lens up and down single-handedly.
Put on and off freely while driving, golfing, fishing and even during marathons!

Polarized lenses can screen out light reflected from road surfaces, water, snow and glass, etc., ensuring more comfortable vision.

*What are polarized lenses?
The basic function of polarized lenses are to screen out diffused reflection.

For example, with polarized lenses, you will be able to see the water surface very well even on sunny days, making it easier for you to track the location and movement of fishes; they can also screen out light reflected off road surfaces, reducing fatigue during driving.
By screening out diffused reflection, tiredness of the eyes will be eased greatly.


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