EOO+Car Sun Visor Multi Case

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No mistake in keeping one of these around!!
Use your space efficiently!
You can choose from 3 colors.

Helping you use your space with efficiency with its 7 pockets!
A storage case that can be attached to the sun visor in your car.

The 7 pockets can be used to store your smart phone, parking tickets or other passes, and much more.
The largest pocket can be fastened with a zipper. The mesh pocket also has a fastener belt to prevent its contents from falling down.
Turn the spaces that haven’t yet been put to use into a space for storage!

Slim & Simple installation
Just pull the two belts over the sun visor in your car!

Easy to reach for and doesn’t block your vision with its slim board-like structure.
Not only suitable for use in the car, but also in your bag.


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