EOO+Beach Pareo One-Piece

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Spend hot summertime fashionably and comfortably!!

Have a beautiful makeover on the beach
Wear it over your swimsuit in an easy 3 seconds!
Comfortable and stylish, also great for after bathing!

[Point1] Easy 3 seconds!
It may look like a towel at first sight, but just by wrapping it around your body and putting your arms through the straps, it suddenly turns into a camisole one-piece! 
Also recommended to use as a bathrobe or room wear.

[Point2] Carry it around smartly!
Fold it up into the size of a face towel!
Takes up little space in your bag, easy to take around.

[Point3] Super quick-dry!
Dries quickly so don’t worry about wearing it over wet bathing suits! Wrap it around your body after getting out of the pool, or wear it lightly as room wear.


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