EOO+3D Diet PRO Body Wear

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A LongAwaited Product!!
Solves ALL the problems of those who enjoy using reshaping underwear!!

Wear it all day long! 
NonShifting! NonSteamy! NonShowing!
Separate upper and lower parts, no more worrying about changing and bathroom problems!

[Problem#1] “Hard wires cut into my skin and leave red marks…”
~With our product~
No wires and no bones! 
Absolutely no hard objects such as wires that might leave marks on your skin.
Different parts are divided into blocks and sewn together, lifting up the flabs you care about from various angles.
Soft and smooth touch for your best comfort.

[Problem#2] “Underwear lines show from under my clothes…so embarrassing…”
~With our product~
We have pushed the limits to making it seamless.
Its almost absolutely seamless 3D design makes it hard to show under your clothing.
Gives you a stylish and beautiful figure.

[Problem#3] “The edges of the underwear rolls up and shifts around…”
~With our product~
Its wide elastic band makes it hard to shift and slip!!
Reshapes your figure with divided body zones.
Its wide elastic lining prevents the edges from rolling up and shiftingwalk and make big movements without a single worry!

[Problem#4] “Reshaping underwear are always so tight and steamy…”
~With our product~
Super airpermeable, no more steaminess!
Material with high permeability is used for this productno stuffiness or annoying tightness even after longtime use.
Wearable all day long!


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