EOO+3D Diet Body wear X

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A Long-Awaited Product!!
Solves ALL the problems of those who enjoy using reshaping underwear!!

Wear it all day long!
Non-Shifting, Non-Steamy, Non-Showing!!!

[Problem#1] Hard wires cut into my skin and leave red marks…
~With our product~
-No wires and no bones! 
-Absolutely no hard objects such as wires that might leave marks on your skin.
-Different parts are divided into blocks and sewn together, lifting up the flabs you care about from various angles.
-Soft and smooth touch for your best comfort.

[Problem#2] Underwear lines show from under my clothes…so embarrassing…
~With our product~
-We have pushed the limits to making it seamless.
-Its almost absolutely seamless 3D design makes it hard to show under your clothing.
-Gives you a stylish and beautiful figure.

[Problem#3] The edges of the underwear rolls up and shifts around…
~With our product~
-Its wide elastic band makes it hard to shift and slip!!
-Reshapes your figure with divided body zones.
-Its wide elastic lining prevents the edges from rolling up and shifting–walk and make big movements without a single worry!

[Problem#4] Reshaping underwear is always so tight and steamy…
~With our product~
-Super air-permeable, no more steaminess!
-Material with high permeability is used for this product–no stuffiness or annoying tightness even after long-time use.
-Wearable all day long!


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