EOO+2 Way Magic One-piece Towel

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A Micro Fiber Towel that can become a Onepiece Bathrobe!

A bath towel with smooth texture with super absorption, which can also become a camisole one piece.

[Recommended for these users]
Those who would like to wear it elegantly on top of their swimsuits at the beach.
Those who would like to stay cool and comfortable after getting out from the bath or shower.

[Point1] Easy 3 seconds!
It may look like a towel at first sight, but just by wrapping it around your body and putting your arms through the straps, it suddenly turns into a camisole one piece! 

Also recommended to use as a bathrobe or room wear.

[Point2] Micro fiberlightweight but amazingly absorbent
It’s a large size of 140x70cm…but only weighs 245g!

Made of micro fiber with superb absorption!!
Not only does it have functions as a towel, it can also be used as a piece of clothing for after getting out of the bath or shower, on the beach or after swimming at the pool, or even as room wear.


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