EOO+100way Magic Stole

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Use in So Many Different Ways! The Magic Stole.

Use it like a fluffy stole, or change it into a bolero,blanket,tube top,dress or many, many other styles and shapes.
Because it uses a special weave it will comfortably fold up and fit in your handbag.Stretches steadily, growing as you open it! 

It is a great item to use in the car,in the plane or on the train or even at the theater, or just when you are feeling a little cold. 
Ready to use for that sudden invitation, a date or any other social occasions. Just have it ready in your handbag. 
The colors are great for the fall and winter seasons. 

Buy more than one and keep them close to hand, ready to match whatever clothes your wearing. 
What color do you want?


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