EOO+ Neck light

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Licensed Product!
Prototype handsfree multipurpose halter LED light

Halter styled for hanging around your neck, a handsfree LED light.
It can be wound into different shapes and used hanged or twisted and fixed.

Flexible typeHang it around your neck or twist it into all sorts of shapes to be fixed for use in many places.

While jogging or taking a walk, it helps drivers see you better, providing you with better safety.
On tables, you can twist it and use it as a desk lamp or reading light.

A multipurpose mini light that’s good for both indoor and outdoor use.

The LED light on both ends has independent 3stage switch buttons, convenient use for all kinds of situations.

Can stay on for maximum of 20 hours, useful item to include your emergency supplies.
Independent “Wide light & Spot light & Wide+Spot light” 3stage switch buttons on both ends.

Of course, it is possible to use either end on its own.
Hug lights are not only great for indoor use, but are also fabulous for camping and other outdoor uses.


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