EOO+ Manual Inflatable Life Belt

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Concerned about flooding? 

Live near open water? Water sports enthusiast?

This product provides greater than1.5x buoyancy(approximately 11kg) rather than 7.5kg of buoyancy which is the legal standard for Japan. 

Since a person only weighs approximately 1/10 in water compared to what he/she may weigh on land, this specification allows a person of about 110kg to float continuously for 24 hours.
Expansion is activated manually. The life belt is inflated by pulling the manual lever using just one finger.

CE: A Certified factory genuine product. The CE, is a European international safety standard with strict examination procedures. 

It is the standard of safety assurance necessary for both European domestically produced and imported goods. In order to gain this certification, a quality and conformity assessment is required. 
The product has cleared this international safety standard and therefore conforms with a world-class safety levels.
Utilizing a high quality material for the exterior, deterioration due to the effect of UV light is reduced. 

The fabric is water-repellent preventing water causing a malfunction to the expansion mechanism. 

Telescopic adjustment. One size fits all.The belt length is set to 130cm but adjustable to a wide range. Suitable for all body sizes and shape.


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